You should be your own best client

“Sometimes you have to eat your own dog food.”

When my former colleague said it years ago, I found it dismissive.

I’ve come to view the sentiment in a different light.

Promo distributors do a terrific job of helping their clients with branding and advertising.

However, many distributors I talk to struggle with marketing and advertising for themselves.

Their advertising initiatives get stuck at the bottom of the to-do lists.

Only to return to the top each month with a new resolve to launch the campaigns.

Then, a rush job comes in, a product shows up with the wrong logo color, and the shipper loses a box of shirts for the upcoming client event.

If you’re considering another go at self-promotion, give this approach a try:

Create a simple marketing calendar for your company.

Choose one idea, solution, or product to promote quarterly.

Next, set deadlines for the tasks required to launch the promotion and reverse engineer the process to hit your target dates.

Your tasks should include a content calendar indicating which social channels you plan to use for the promotion (along with the posting dates).

Then, schedule the tasks on your calendar as appointments with yourself (or team members).

Treat them like you would a client meeting.

After all, you should be your best client.

And sometimes, you have to eat your own dog food.

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