You might want to reconsider your efforts.

Unpopular opinion.

Calling on prospects who match your ideal client profile is a waste of time.

Unless you go beyond the typical:

  • Sales revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Industry
  • Local, regional or national organization

And on and on, the list goes.

You want to know two things before you get into the weeds with your ICP prospecting efforts.

Do they spend money on marketing?

You’ll know by paying attention to their TV, streaming, billboards, radio ads, and event sponsorships. Doing so will let you know if they value advertising and allow you to demonstrate the competitiveness of promotional products on a cost-per-impression basis.

Do they pay their bills?

Because business credit scores aren’t standardized like FICO scores, understanding their score will be one factor (check out Nerd Wallet, CreditSafe, or similar services to learn more). If you strike out on the credit score, find out if they have a dedicated A/P department. It’s a red flag if they don’t.

You’ll save yourself time and effort by adding these questions to your process.

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