What’s your vision for 2024?

Increased sales, more leisure time, starting a side hustle?

Whatever it is, you’re more likely to make it a reality by using a vision board.

They’re a terrific way to keep focused on your goals and intentions.

And with a bit of preparation, they’re easy to make.

Find images, words, and symbols representing your aspirations.

Jackie and I have made them together with friends for several years.

As a result, we’ve filled our lives with adventure, projects, harmony, and prosperity.

One word of caution – approach your vision board with a balanced perspective.

They can serve as powerful tools for motivation and focus.

However, relying solely on a vision board without an action plan will not yield positive results.

Consider writing down your specific goals and attaching them to your vision board to reinforce your intentions.

Keep it in a place where you’ll see it frequently.

You can also make an electronic version to use as a screen background on your devices.

Mine will include international travel, sales targets, and fitness goals.

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