What’s your sales math?

What’s your sales math?

For many, it’s their quota divided by twelve.

For others, it’s their quota divided by 251 (this year’s working days).

I encourage you to spend time understanding your equation.

What’s required to hit your 2024 quota?

Which accounts will grow?
By how much?
With what products and services?

What clients have company milestones in 2024?
What’s a conservative amount their sales will increase?

How much new business do you need?
How many prospects are in your pipeline?
What’s your win rate?

What accounts are at risk?
Can you save the relationship?
What’s the downside if they leave?

What customers will do less volume this year?
How many one-off orders won’t repeat this year?

What’s your average account size?
What’s your average order size?
Can you incrementally increase them?

I get it. It’s a lot to digest.

Here’s what my equation looks like:

2023 results + (customer growth) – (sales reductions) + (new business) = 2024 goal

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