What running has taught me about sales

Sales and running have a lot in common. 

Both require endurance. 

Both require planning. 

Both call for situational awareness.

Both involve getting past objections. 

Endurance helps you reach the finish line. 

Preparation increases your confidence

Situational awareness allows you to course-correct if needed. 

Overcoming objections builds your muscle memory and your repertoire. 

Running and sales share remarkable similarities. 

These four are top of mind for me:

🏃🎯 Endurance: Like running, sales requires endurance. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon, experienced over days, weeks, months, and sometimes years. It demands persistence, resilience, and the ability to keep going even when faced with challenges. Endurance helps us navigate the ups and downs, allowing us to stay focused and determined until we reach the finish line of a sale.

📝🗓️ Planning: Both sales and running require effective planning. In running, you need a training schedule with goals and mapped-out routes. Similarly, in sales, careful planning is essential. Creating strategies, understanding customer needs, and outlining action plans ensure that we are prepared for any sales opportunity.

🧠🌍 Situational Awareness: Running and sales demand situational awareness. Runners must be aware of their surroundings, adapt to changing conditions, and adjust their pace or course accordingly. In sales, attention to customers’ needs and market dynamics allows us to make informed decisions, change tactics when necessary, and tailor our approach to different situations.

💬🙅 Overcoming Objections: Both running and sales involve overcoming objections. Runners encounter mental and physical obstacles while training, that require pushing themselves beyond their limits. Similarly, in sales, objections are a natural part of the process. Learning to address objections with confidence and finesse builds our sales muscle memory and expands our repertoire of persuasive techniques.

🏁⏱️ The Finish Line: Endurance helps us cross the finish line. Preparation increases our confidence. Situational awareness enables us to course-correct if needed. Overcoming objections strengthens our sales skills.

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