Understanding your client is crucial

Want the sale?

Sometimes, it’s as easy as matching the urgency of your client.

We’re furnishing our flat in Portugal, so we headed to a nearby appliance store.

Only to be frustrated with the lack of sales help (until we asked).

We were prepared to purchase several large appliances.

The salesperson was pleasant and knowledgeable about the items we wanted.

The floor-model washing machine had a few scratches and dings.

We asked if a discount was available because of the minor imperfections.

A simple question stopped the sale.

We left with the promise of an email the following day with an answer.

No email arrived.

The next day, our Uber driver dropped us at the wrong shopping center, and we accidentally visited a different location of the same chain store.

A salesperson approached us when we walked in and asked if he could assist us.

He ended up making the largest sale he’d ever had.

The difference? He was focused on solutions and overcame similar floor-model issues.

He matched our urgency to get the order in motion (living without a refrigerator presents unique challenges).

Our new appliances arrive at the end of the week.

And we couldn’t be happier.

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