Put your customer first

As I pulled into visitor parking at my prospect’s office, I told myself, “I’ve got this.”

I strolled toward the lobby with an air of confidence (uh, more like arrogance).

My soon-to-be customer was inside, waiting to anoint me as the new supplier.

I knew she’d be impressed with my suggestions.

Less than fifteen minutes later, the receptionist showed me out of the building.

I misunderstood the assignment.

The embarrassment was stifling.

By focusing on myself, I missed the obvious clues to what she needed to solve her problem.

My suggestions didn’t align with their brand, market position, or budget.

Disregarding crucial parts of discovery came back to haunt me.

Even though it was years ago, the memory of the appointment still activates my flight or fright response.

As a result, I vowed to start approaching prospects and customers with curiosity instead of overconfidence.

As a result, I’ve avoided embarrassing replays.

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