Maximize your 1:1s

Dreading your next 1:1?

You’re not alone.

A survey by Humu shows more than 30% of salespeople dread them.

It’s no wonder, as roughly 50% of reps hit their annual quota.

Last year, Salesforce shared that less than 30% of reps expected to hit their 2023 number.

1:1’s can be springboards to success (if you invest your time and energy in them).

Here are five tips to improve them:

  1. Preparation: Before the meeting, send your manager an agenda with clear goals and objectives. Have one or two items ready to discuss. Review your performance metrics, challenges, and successes.
  2. Open Communication: Mutually agree with your manager that your meeting is a safe and open environment where both of you are comfortable sharing thoughts and feedback.
  3. Provide Solutions, Not Just Problems: Don’t just highlight issues; come prepared with potential solutions or ideas for improvement. Taking a proactive approach demonstrates initiative and problem-solving skills, which most managers appreciate.
  4. Focus on Actionable Takeaways: Ensure each meeting ends with clear and actionable next steps. These might include specific tasks, goals, or strategies to implement before the next meeting, fostering accountability and progress.
  5. Seek Development Opportunities: Use the meetings to discuss personal and professional growth. Request feedback, identify areas for improvement, and explore opportunities for skill development or training to enhance performance and career advancement.

Implementing these tips can transform your 1:1 meetings into valuable opportunities for collaboration, growth, and success.

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