Kick-start your year

Sales organizations have short memories.

You crushed 2023, only to find yourself off to a slow start this year.

Your manager is asking questions about your pipeline (or lack thereof).

I get it. January can be daunting.

I’ve delivered and received the “What are you going to do this year? ” conversation.

A sluggish start to the year or month also impacts your mindset.

If you’re in this situation, go back to the basics and consider the following:

  • Review your 2023 stalled and lost deals. Reach back out and find out if anything has changed.
  • Compare your sales process to what you’re spending time on. Do they match, or are you substituting administrative activities for sales activities?
  • Recall your successes from last year. How did it feel to achieve your 2023 goals? How confident were you when you spoke to clients and prospects? Once you get into that mindset, pick up the phone and call your prospects with curiosity and a desire to help.
  • Go through your client list and proactively call anyone you haven’t heard from this year.

One-third of the first quarter is nearly complete.

The time to get after it is now.

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