I vs. We

I had a bad habit of talking about myself early in my career.

I’d take credit for getting the order delivered on time.

I’d take credit for how well the printed piece looked. 

I’d talk more about myself than the team of people at the company.  

I didn’t understand that I came off as selfish and arrogant to clients, prospects, and especially colleagues.

It took many people to deliver the order on time, print the final piece, and make the company go. 

Giving credit where credit is due is powerful. 

Using “we” instead of “I” creates a collaborative environment. 

Using “we” instead of “I” promotes inclusivity by acknowledging the contributions of every team member. 

Using “we” instead of “I” enhances teamwork, encourages open communication, and strengthens relationships.

Organizational success is a positive byproduct of emphasizing collective effort. 

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