Don’t be something you’re not

I spent years being someone I wasn’t. 

I stayed in step with the corporate culture while drinking too much along the way. 

I was yearning to be the most intelligent person in the room. 

Similarly addressing my sales team as leadership approached me. (Not in a good way)

The pressure of being inauthentic was too much. 

It cost me friendships. 

It cost me my marriage. 

Direct reports lost respect for me. 

I lost respect for myself. 

Then two things happened. 

I stopped drinking (keeping up with the corporate culture was a vast detriment). 

And I went to therapy. 

I went to work on myself with a clear mind and new tools in my emotional toolkit. 

I also discovered being my authentic self was good enough. 

I gained new friends. 

My relationships with my children improved. 

I landed a new job with a fantastic company and a terrific team. 

I met and married a fantastic partner who encourages me to be the best version of myself. 

Being your authentic self requires reflection, self-honesty, and self-investment. 

The work is hard, and the payoff is worth it. 

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