Ditch your to-do list

Struggling to stick to your sales plan?

You’re not alone.

You started the year with big growth plans.

Only to be derailed by the day-to-day details of the promo business.

If you are struggling, here’s the good news: we’re only six weeks into the year.

There’s still time to course-correct.

Try this next week:

  • Ditch your to-do list.
  • Schedule your tasks as calendar appointments.
  • Time block your calendar for your prospecting and proactive client outreach.
  • Each morning, identify your top three priorities. These are the tasks that will move the needle in your business. Do them first.
  • Delegate the lower-priority tasks (or schedule them for later in the day)

Keep this up for a week, and you’ll see a difference.

Keep it up for a month, and you’ll start moving the needle.

Keep it up for the rest of the year, and you’ll smash your goals.

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