Complacency is the enemy of success

A distributor and I were chatting recently about his slow start to the year.

A few projects didn’t come to fruition, coupled with clients’ deferred spending decisions.

Coasting from his success in 2023 (particularly Q1) was a significant factor in the slowdown.

Prospecting for new business went on the back burner.

Sending fresh ideas to his top clients came to a crawl.

Now, it’s a scramble drill to break even in Q1.

Resting on your laurels from the previous week, month, or year is tempting.

Do whatever you can to avoid it.

Stay on the lookout for new opportunities.

Continue to build strong client relationships by creating value for them.

Share new trends and create product decks for their upcoming events.

Work with your trusted suppliers on lookbooks for your top clients and prospects.

Keep turning over those rocks.

Your efforts will be worth it.

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