Asking for help is a super power

Early in my career, I resisted asking for help.

Being self-sufficient was drilled into me from an early age.

And it was reinforced in the business world.

As a result, I waited far too long to start asking others for help.

Eventually, I came to view it as a sign of humility and strength.

Here are the advantages of asking for help:

  • You can accelerate your personal and professional growth. A vast reservoir of experience and knowledge surrounds you. Tapping into it will fast-track your development.
  • Maintaining your pride and fear creates barriers. Your vulnerability breaks those barriers down and makes you relatable to others.
  • Building a core group willing to give and receive advice creates a community with resources for each participant and a safe environment for the group to ask questions, share ideas, and give advice.

Remember, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness.

It is a superpower.

It takes courage to admit you don’t know something and seek assistance.

What else would you add?

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