Are you slipping behind or gaining traction?

Are you doing everything you can?

Or are your efforts half-hearted?

I was speaking with a salesperson recently who needed help getting traction.

A few clients had passed on their long-standing repeat orders.

Meanwhile, other prospective customers delayed their decisions until later in the year.

I’ve been there.

It’s a gut punch.

Here’s the two-week plan we laid out to improve the situation:

  • Pushback on the nos. Rather than accepting the response, dig deeper into the decision. It’s easy to say okay when handed lousy news. You learn more by getting to the root of the decision, allowing you to offer alternatives instead of accepting the loss.
  • Treat the next two weeks as a sales sprint. However, don’t focus on the entire two-week period (which can be overwhelming). Focus on today and do everything you know you should do to move the needle in your business.
  • Make the extra phone call, send another email, write a personal note, and stop by again. Rinse and repeat tomorrow.
  • Revisit every lost deal from the previous year and determine if anything has changed. Often, it has, and the client will appreciate the follow-up.
  • Review your prospect list. Where are you in the process? Are there planned next steps? Is the ball in your court or theirs? What can you do to move the opportunities forward?
  • Did you create enough tension in your sales interactions? When there is no sense of urgency or demonstrated downside of not making a change, the prospect will maintain the status quo.

Remember, things don’t change overnight.

Sustained quality effort in the proper activities will yield results.

Put your whole heart into it, and positive things will happen.

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