Consider a new approach to your 2024 planning

Are you making a 2024 success plan?

Relying on what’s always worked to plan for next year isn’t good enough.

Buyers, technology, products, and trends are changing rapidly.

Reevaluating your preparation and planning is crucial.

Consider the following three ideas as you lay the groundwork for next year:

1. Reflect and Plan: Review what worked and what didn’t this year. Your insight will provide clarity for outlining achievable 2024 goals, milestones and action plans.

2. Set Client-Specific Goals: Most distributors set an overall revenue target but don’t set customer-specific goals. Set sales targets for the top 20% of your customers and consider the untapped growth areas available with each client.

3. Skill Enhancement: Invest in personal and professional development. Attend workshops, courses, or seminars on sales techniques, AI tools, customer relations, or new product lines.

The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to think differently about your approach and set the stage for success.

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